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Ryder International present the Ecostar RANGE of Retrofit and New LED lighting Solutions with a 2 year guarantee,

These new LED lights give you 50,000 hours life plus, save 85% plus on your energy costs This is the easiest and most costs effective way to reduce your carbon footprint and save money. A commercial organisation using existing bulb and tube lights where their lighting bill is say £24,000 per year will save about £20,000 per year, so the return on investment of replacing all the existing bulbs with retrofit LED lights will be less than 12 months. With the reduction in maintenance costs and replacements they could add £20,000 plus to the bottom line for the next ten years. . Did you know we have replacement LED Tubes as well and that a normal fluorescent tube has sufficient mercury in it to contaminate 30,000 litres of water, what happens to the water table if these go to landfill?

Save up to 90% on your electricity lighting bills. Go Green with our NEW LED lights using the latest technology.

Retrofit by replacing your old light bulbs with LED's in your existing fittings. An 8w LED replaces a 100w bulb, get the cost of your LED bulb back in less than a year see below:
LED Light Bulb Cost Analysis.

A typical Halogen GU 10 bulb will last about 2000 hours and cost £1 each using 50W our 4W 6000K replacement will cost £9.91 and will save 46W. If your electricity cost is £0.12 p per kWh and you use the bulb 12 hours per day for 356 days it is 4272kWh hours so you would need to change a normal bulb twice. With our LED bulb you would not need to change it for 10 years. Cost savings using our 4W replacements bulb without taking account of savings on maintenance and replacement costs would be=
50W halogen bulb 4272kWh = kWh electricity used = 50 * 4272 / 1000 = 213 kWh @ £0.12 per kWh = £25.63 per year .

4W LED replacement bulb 4272kWh = kWh electricity used = 4 * 4272 / 1000 = 17.09 kWh @ £0.12 kWh = £2.05 saving a huge £23.58 per bulb per year plus no replacement and maintenance cost.

These new LED lighting solutions will save more than 80% in lighting bills and help reduce the carbon footprint of any organisation that decides to replace and/or retrofit their current lights, be they incandescent, halogen or AR111 lamps. We have tried to concentrate on retrofit during these difficult times and have several options available for existing fittings. Our 6000K bulbs are a very bright white light, providing fantastic illumination.

Buy direct in bulk and save, prices range from just £4.05 per bulb

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