Global Sourcing and Manufacturing

Say goodbye to muddy floors or damaged finishes caused by grit or footwear with the Turtle Mat.These high quality door mats shield new wood floors and prolong their life by protecting them at the point of highest risk traffic.

The Turtle Mat is world renowned for protecting wood flooring. These personalised door mats come in a variety of designs to make visitors feel truly welcome in your home or business.

Door mats and indoor mats help to remove nasty pieces of grit that can easily scratch and damage your wood floor finish.

Our Front Door mats come in a large size (600mm x 850mm) as standard and will act as a protective screen removing dirt before it gets on to your floor.

Retail customers can buy online directly with us and benefit from fast free delivery.

Cleaning your door mat is easy.  Made from pure cotton, simply put it in the washing machine at 40 degrees to keep it beautifully clean and inviting for your guests!