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EcoStar Warmfloor


We have established a strong relationship with the OEM manufacturer of the Carbon Nanotube Technology Low Voltage DC underfloor heating system - our product is called EcoStar Warmfloor - and we are proud to be the official distributor for the U.K.


EcoStar Warmfloor is a new and innovative underfloor heating system built with state-of-the-art nanotechnology that creates self-regulating properties. It provides low-cost and energy-efficient heating for all types of flooring. Designed to increase the energy efficiency of homes across the world and reduce our carbon footprint, it has strong ambitions to be an environmentally-friendly solution for the energy demands of the future.

Originally manufactured in Norway in 1981, this unique carbon nanotube underfloor heating system has witnessed continuous improvements and development over the years. Mostly used in Scandinavian countries, it has become a popular heating solution, and has even been used to keep driveways warm during the Winter months.

Recently, production moved to China to save costs. However, the machinery used for the manufacture of the product remains German-made and is complemented by comprehensive quality control procedures. Today, the EcoStar Warmfloor heating mats are manufactured by Luhua New Material Corporation, and Ryder International is proud to have been appointed as their official distributor for the United Kingdom.

How It Works

EcoStar Warmfloor uses carbon-enhanced polyethylene mats that are 1.2mm thick and 34cm wide and the edge of the mat is embedded with copper to foster the flow of electric current. When connected to a live power source, the mat heats up as the current flows through the carbon strips.

As the temperature of the mat rises, the incorporated nanotechnology increases the electrical resistance in the mat and in turn reduces the flow of electric current. This creates a self-regulating effect — the temperature of the mat remains largely constant and an individual thermostat is essentially created in each section of the mat. The increase in resistance also significantly reduces the amount of energy needed to keep the mat sufficiently heated.


Cost-Effective, Energy-Efficient and Environmentally-Friendly

EcoStar Warmfloor is extremely energy-efficient and cost-effective, meaning it has minimum impact on the environment. Due to the self-regulating effect produced by the resistance in the mat and the resulting thermostats, EcoStar Warmfloor uses considerably less energy than other types of underfloor heating systems and can lead to substantial cost savings.

It also is highly more efficient than conventional heating systems. For instance, radiators have a small surface area and thus much require higher temperatures than a heating system with a large surface area — such as EcoStar Warmfloor — to achieve the same result.

On average, every 10m2 uses only 0.8 kWh. This means that for a tariff of £0.12 per kWh, the cost for 6 hours of constant use would amount to approximately 58p for every 10m2. 24 hours of constant use would come to around £2.30 for every 10m2. It has been estimated that EcoStar Warmfloor saves between 60-70% for U.K. homes that use conventional heating systems.

Whilst the primary material used to manufacture the mat, polyethylene, is a plastic, it is in fact degradable by sunlight, produces zero toxic fumes and is fully-recyclable.


Suitable Types of Flooring

EcoStar Warmfloor works perfectly with our Impervia Luxury Vinyl Flooring

It can also be used with wood floors, carpets and ceramic tiles.


Temperature and Heat Regulation

When powered by a 24 volt supply, the mats are heated to a constant, self-regulated temperature of between 25 and 26 degrees celsius. This will in turn heat a medium-sized room to around 22 degrees celsius.

For each room, transformers are fitted with switches to adjust the voltage entering the mats and to control the temperature of the room. Whilst the self-regulating properties of the mats is usually sufficient for regulating the temperature of the room, in larger rooms that are affected by direct sunlight, it is sometimes necessary to install a separate thermostat to control the temperature.

EcoStar Warmfloor can usually be used to heat an entire room or house without the need for additional heating sources. The mats can be installed close together and near to the walls, increasing their power. In this case, the mats generate between 50 - 70 watts per m2.


If lower levels of heat are desired for a particular room, the mats can be placed further apart during installation. In this case, the mats would generate between 30 - 40 watts per m2, and additional heat sources would most likely be needed in the winter months.


The EcoStar Warmfloor mats can easily be installed by anybody, however it is essential that the connections with the mains electricity is carried out by a qualified and certified electrician.

It can be installed in 4 quick and simple steps:

  1. Roll the mat onto the floor
  2. Press the mat firmly onto the floor
  3. Connect the wires and transformer
  4. Check the installation before finally covering the mat with the flooring

For vinyl and carpets, a compound of 5 - 12mm thickness, such as a wooden board, should be placed on top of the mat during installation. For wood and ceramic floors, a layer of woollen paper, should be placed between the mats and the flooring. When installed in a wet or damp room, it is essential to place a membrane above the mats.

To improve the energy-efficiency of EcoStar Warmfloor even further, we recommend to insulate beneath the mats to minimise heat-loss.

This underfloor heating system works perfectly with our Impervia Luxury Flooring.


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EcoStar NanoTech Warmfloor

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