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Using the latest technology, we are launching a range of waterproof Impervia Luxury Flooring with colours and textures matching our engineered wood flooring. Unlike other versions our backing is made of IXPE with is a foam type plastic which makes it totally waterproof. Other use a cork or cork composite which over time will deteriorate.

When choosing your luxury vinyl planks make sure they compare to ours, which with the textured surface are much more like the real thing.


Why Choose our Impervia Luxury Flooring:

Best prices on the market for comparable quality, latest Valinge licensed 5Gi push fit technology and natural textured surface. The stone composite middle layer also has fibreglass to create a stable rigid plank, and because of the width and lengths it looks more natural unlike narrower shorter pieces  which is commonly found in vinyl flooring.  This flooring will not show any slight undulations in the sub floor.

Sizes available

1524 x 180 x 5mm 10 pieces per carton = 2.76 m2

1524 x 228 x 5mm 6pieces per carton = 2.08 m2

1824 x 228 x 5mm 6pieces per carton = 2.08 m2

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Impervia Luxury Waterproof Flooring