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Coronavirus Update

We are open for business as usual with our transport company still delivering direct to door or site. Our IT systems allow us to work from home so our staff are protected. Please call or email us for samples or orders. Our factories are back to full capacity and the supply chain is operating effectively which can be seen here. For Government advice please click here. We will keep this notice updated.

Specifying Bespoke Wood Flooring for Architects

Through our wood flooring company, we have worked with Architects since the early 2000’s creating bespoke floor finishes to match the interior design concepts. The décor is crucial to creating ambiences of wellbeing, but the first thing people always see is the floor. 

Retrofit is not an easy task and costs will always be higher than new build. However old warehouses, grade 1 and grade 11 listed buildings can look fantastic with retrofitted floors that have been made to look as if they have, they always been there. Below was an old brew house in Bristol fitted with our bare timber 240mm wide board. Great design enhanced by the perfect floor.

We can provide specifications and help with sub floors as well as a new Nano technology heating system that is low voltage and can be easily retrofitted as the thickness is only 2mm.

We have the capacity to supply large developments such as River light and South Bank Place with very specific floors that were designed by the clients, signed off and then put into production.

There were 6 blocks at River light where we supplied the flooring hallway through the first block due to quality issues with the original supplier.

Riverlight for St James

We have supplied all the flooring for the residential blocks at South bank Place including penthouses and communal areas. These were made according to the exact client requirements and Architects specifications. Being a very specific AB grade there are hardly any knots in the flooring and special manufacturing techniques were used to produce the boards to get a consistent colour with limited variation. This was our design brief.

South Bank Place - Outside shot

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