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Laminate Flooring

FSC® Certified - 15 Year Guarantee

Our commercial quality range of Laminate Flooring is often referred to as superior in quality to Pergo, Armstrong, Mohawk, or Quick Step laminate flooring due to its commercial graded fully textured top wear layer. As manufacturers we guarantee our products for 15 years. We manufacture our commercial grade laminate flooring in thicknesses from 8mm to 12mm incorporating a full acoustic backing and AC4 wear layer providing comfort and durability. Our range consists of 4 colour/design finishes, held as permanent stock items, and for orders over 10,000 m2 we can manufacture specific colours and designs.

We are currently supplying 14,000 m2 to a large development for Vastint.

Laminate flooring is often more suitable than carpets or carpet tiles for domestic and commercial flooring environments because it is easy to clean and does not harbour dust or other organisms that can cause asthma and other ailments.

Please browse our wood flooring ranges online and add free samples to your basket or call 01666 504015 to discuss a project and obtain floor estimating advice.

Our Laminate Flooring is manufactured using photographic technology to render the surface images and creating a highly authentic wood finish to the floor. We only use the highest grade material in our Laminate flooring manufacturing process and the technology we have developed for rendering colours and textures ensures that our laminate flooring is virtually indistinguishable from genuine wood flooring. To make fitting as easy and cost effective as possible we have licensed the renowned Unilin click flooring system to guarantee trouble free installation

Underlay for Laminate Flooring: We recommend underlay for Laminate Flooring. To avoid acoustic issues we recommend using a quality 3mm to 4mm thick underlay. To make this process even easier for our clients our design engineers have developed a laminate floor with the underlay already fixed to the back. This makes it even quicker to install on SR 1 screeds, chipboard surfaced cradle systems or plywood subfloors.

You can see this new laminate flooring below. Please call our sales team for advice, best prices and free samples on 01666 504 015.

New Extra Wide and Long Laminate Flooring

Our engineering team have recently developed a very high quality Laminate Flooring for larger developments.

The surface texture is comparable to real wood flooring and our boards are guaranteed for 15 years. Repeat patterns are minimal. Please see the board sizes outlined below;

  • 12mm thick x 196mm wide x 2440mm long
  • 12mm thick x 235mm wide x 2440mm long
  • 12mm thick x 295mm wide x 2440mm long

These are not stock items but can be delivered within 6 to 8 weeks from order with quantities in excess of 2,000 m2. The image above shows part of the 2440 boards.

Laminate Flooring
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Drawer Handles

We are able to make all sorts of drawer handles either in natural Oak or to match our flooring in special cases.

Stair parts

Including handrails, treads and risers to match our white band sawn flooring.The TW E781 below is a stair nose with a tread and riser.

The stair nose shown is a perfect match for the band sawn flooring where we made wider boards for the treads and risers. The stair nose is made out of solid oak in this instance.

Stair parts

The image shows a wide handrail that matches the band sawn floor and stair parts. This is a wide solid Oak rail made to the client’s specification and drawings.

We are able to make shelves and skirting in an engineered form so that thickness can be what the client wants. We are also able to make balustrades and different stair nose profiles as well as skirting boards.

Custom Shelving

These shelves were made in a dark brown fumed colour as requested by the client to compliment the kitchen and the floor.

Custom Skirting

The image below is a skirting board made to match a band sawn fumed floor. The width is 18mm x 240mm high x 2200mm long with a pencil edge top.

As we have a furniture mill, we are able to veneer 3 sides to make engineered shelves that match the oak floors or cabinetry work.

Board Cladding

The image shows how designers used our fumed boards clad the front of a bar in a restaurant. This contrasts perfectly with the two types of herringbone. One is our fumed and fired antique herringbone parquet floor and the other is our UV cured white oil.

Select Prime Oak flooring
260mm wide

Unfinished prime grade wide flooring like the 260mm wide seen below can create unique floors where you have professional fitters involved. You can see the setting out of the river before the application of two different coloured oils to show the river flowing through the exhibition area that houses all the ancient Viking relics. You can see more on the web site.

Because our flooring is machined so accurately with Homag profiling for the tongue and groove you can change the direction of the boards very easily without have to leave expansion gaps. This can be seen here.

Laminate Flooring

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